Philips 24PFS6805/12 Review

Many people go for Philips 24PFS6805/12 because of quality and size. It is a full HD smart TV ideal for small rooms and capable of delivering better image quality. It also has HDMI, making connections to compatible smartphones easy for better gaming and streaming.

Unfortunately, this TV model is no longer available. The best alternative for Philips 24PFS6805/12 is 24PFT5505/12 – click here to check its price or read the whole Philips 24PFT5505/12 Review here).

Philips 24PFS6805/12 Specifications

  • Screen Size: 24.”
  • Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080p.
  • Refresh rate: 50Hz / 60Hz.
  • Display: LED FULL HD TV.
  • Support: HDMI.


  • It comes with a small screen size measuring 24 inches. Although it is small, it has a good color rendition. Users can see pictures on the screen from any angle without having issues.
  • It does not consume a large amount of power even though it has good display capability. Therefore, users can increase the brightness and contrast to their discretion without much difference in power consumption.
  • It has the Pixel Plus HD engine, which improves the pictures to give a better image rendition. Therefore, users can see good images without having to toggle settings when watching films, either online or offline.
  • With the icon-based menu, users can access applications such as YouTube and Netflix without issues.
  • The SAPHI operating system further improves the users’ interaction because of removing issues associated with having a smart TV. One of the major issues removed is the speed at which smart TV responds.
  • It is lightweight with easy installation.
  • It supports the use of WIFI and HDMI, making it ideal for gaming purposes.


  • There is no support for “3D display.”
  • It has a small screen display.


The Philips 24PFS6805/12 is the ideal TV for people looking for a small TV for their rooms.

Although it can function well in a large area, it is better when used in small areas because of the size. It has features that provide users with better image quality and user experience.

Unfortunately, 24PFS6805/12 has been discontinued. The 24PFT5505/12-inch TV from Philips is a good option; it’s currently on sale for less than £200 (click here to view its current price or read the whole Philips 24PFT5505/12 Review here).