Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner [2023 Review]

Is there anyone seeking a robotic vacuum cleaner for their home? The market is filled with different types of automatic upgraded robotic vacuum cleaners. But among all of them, the Deenkee robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most affordable and very good at its work. This is a budget-friendly, efficient product that has multiple features. We reviewed the Denkee robot vacuum cleaner – let’s explore those functionalities and why you should or not opt for them.

Design and features

It has a charging base similar to other vacuum cleaners. It sits and returns to the base according to the requirement. Before it returns to the base, it cleans for 100 min. This time is enough to clean the entire portion of your home. The best thing about this cleaner is it is almost 2.7 inches tall and easily reaches under the furniture and each corner of your home where your hand can’t reach.

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Cleaning modes

This cleaner works on 6 cleaning modes. The user has access to customize the cleaning mode as per the requirement.

  1. Edge cleaning mode: In this mode, you can clean the edges of your room. It cleans all the debris and dust sanctioned away from the walls. The spinning side brushes pick up all the dust particles quickly. 
  2. Spot cleaning mode: This mode is used to clean the smallest area like the floors. If there is any specific area in your home you want to clean, switch on to this model at the left-hand side of your remote. The vacuum will rotate in a circular form to clean all the dust.
  3. Maximum power mode: This is used for the larger section like bedrooms with carpet. With this, you can reduce the operating time of cleaning bedrooms and storerooms.
  4. Timed mode: You can set a specific time in this mode. For example, you can set the cleaning time in the middle of the night.
  5. Single room mode: You have to put the vacuum in a room and close the door by switching it to single room mode. It automatically cleans the room and stops automatically once it is done.
  6. Auto mode: This is the most used mode where you just switch on the auto mode from the remote. In this mode, it will clean as much as the space before it discharges the battery.

The remote also has buttons that immediately make the DEENKEE return to the base. So, now it is easy to do the timetable setting on a vacuum, schedule the mode, pause it manually and control its direction with just one click. 

The controls

 The vacuum cleaner looks attractive because of its modern and sleek look. It gives an amazing upgrade with the concentric circles span. The main control buttons are placed on the top sanction with the power button. This is good for floors carpets pet hair.


The DEENKEE robot’s dustbin is also placed on the right side of the industry standards. But this time there are some slight improvements which the manufacturers do. The dustbin is located at the back of the unit that you can remove anytime. The dustbin has a capacity of 0.55L and comes along with the mop.


It has an upgraded motor with a lithium-ion battery life of 2600 mAh. It has the default power suction of about 1000 Pa that will increase and goes up to 1500 Pa when you turn this to the max cleaning mode.


When running this machine at its lowest power setting of around 55 decibels, it produces Low Noise. But when you use the MAX power setting, it will increase the noise level slightly.

Auto Recharge

To charge it up, it almost takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. This vacuum has an overall run time of 100mins runtime using normal power settings. If you run this on the MAX mode, it can go up to 35 minutes with a one-time charge. When the power of this vacuum is less than 20 percent, the robot will automatically return to the base charging level and recharge itself for the next round of cleaning.


When you compare the underside of this vacuum cleaner with another robotic cleaner, you can’t see much visible difference. Well, the brush roll looks different than the other models. It has the same elements as the other cleaners, including a front swivel wheel, two main wheels, the brush roll, two side brushes, and the power switch. Apart from that, the brush roll and the spinning side brushes also have the typical length and design.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the robot vacuum cleaner are almost up to the mark. It has a diameter of 12.4″ with a height of 2.8″ and a weight of 8.82 lbs. It comes with a thin and attractive look design that reaches all corners of your home without putting in much effort.

So, are there some other features apart from Super Suction, Time Setting, Automatic Charging, Low Noise, sensors intelligent navigation, 100mins Runtime? Let’s check the accessories and kits that come with this robotic vacuum, and those are:

  • Charging base
  • Remote with battery
  • AC adapter
  • Spinning brushes
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2 Filters 

Should you buy this advanced machine?

This is an inexpensive robot vacuum that creates hype in the market. Yes, it is definitely worth the amount. The extra protective bleeding edge and upgrading feature, automatic charging makes this product worthy. If you want great cleaning performance with various cleaning modes, then this smart home integration product is essential for your home. 

It doesn’t have any application, but the super suction is the essential feature. It removes an average of 97% of all debris with solid performance. This machine also contains a small blade that is helpful to cut the fibers, strings, or hair caught in the brush roll. You can control this cleaner with the remotes.

Final thoughts

The DEENKEE has all the features that a person expects. If we consider the performance and design of the machine, it is worth the money. You can use this when you are at your home. Quick control access and affordable price is the two most important elements.

In this price range, you won’t receive a product like this robotic vacuum cleaner. So, what are you thinking about? Buy it today and share your experience with us.

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