TCL 65C715K Review

The TCL 65C715K is beautiful and comes with good specification. Owners note the better image rendition it has when compared to smart TVs of the same screen size. The screen size is also ideal for large gatherings due to the wide viewing angle.


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  • Screen Size: 65.”
  • Panel Resolution: ULTRA HD.
  • AI: Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Weight: 19.20kg
  • Support: HDMI, Bluetooth.


  • It has a large screen size display of 65 inches. However, only 64.5 inches of it is visible. The display, aside from its sleekness, renders pictures at Ultra HD super-resolution.
  • Wide viewing angle allows users to easily see things on the screen from any angle in a room.
  • It includes the Dolby Vision and Atmos, which uncommonly features realism. Users can feel reality unfold with the smart TV due to the two features when watching movies via any mode.
  • It uses the Philips P% engine with a noticeable difference in the Users’ experience and details of the TV. Users can easily access the app menu to watch videos on Amazon or YouTube with ease. The Interface is easy to navigate, and new movies are easy to find.
  • Users can use voice control via AI voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa. This action improves users’ experience since they can be on the sofa and tell the TV what they want. With the voice assistants, the tv can change channels, dim the light and other things without any problem.
  • It is lightweight, which allows for easy installation.
  • It supports HDMI, and together with the large screen, provides users with immersive gaming and video streaming experience.


  • It has a fragile body.
  • It has a high cost.


The TCL 65C715K is a smart TV known for its beauty and capability. It is the ideal product to get for large space living rooms, although it can function in small rooms also. With its features, it can produce better image quality while improving user’s experience using other features.


Check out the latest price for the TCL 65C715K