Philips Ambilight 43PUS8545/12 Review

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The Philips Ambilight 43PUS8545/12 has the quality, specs, and features necessary to make it into the list of top smart TVs in the market. With a 4K display, it is a sought-for smart TV for those looking for better image rendering. Other features, such as the HDMI, allow users to connect smartphones to the TV for gaming and streaming videos.

Philips Ambilight 43PUS8545/12 TV Specifications

  • Screen Size: 43” HD.
  • Panel Resolution: 3840 x 2160.
  • Connection: Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Display: 4K ULTRA HD LED.
  • Support: 4K HDMI.


  • It has a screen size of 43 inches, which makes users see better image quality from any angle. The display is stunning and shows clear images with a 4K resolution. The rendition of pictures is with rich colour accompanied by the addition of details. 
  • It includes the Dolby Vision and Atmos, which provide users with a real image rendition. When watching HDR contents from a series or Blu-Ray, enjoy a futuristic realness in the rendition of images, which shows the director’s intention.
  • The Ambilight improves the immersive effect of using the TV by a simple mechanism. There are LEDs light installed at the TV’s sides to respond to the pictures shown on the screen with the same glow.
  • It uses the Philips P5 engine with a noticeable difference in the users’ experience. Users can easily access the app menu to watch videos on Amazon or YouTube.
  • It has Voice control with both Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. Therefore, it becomes easy for users to access interact with the TV at their leisure. Without standing up, users can tell the TV to play video games, or in some cases, dim the light using Alexa enabled device.  
  • It is lightweight with easy installation.
  • It has Bluetooth and WIFI connection.
  • It supports HDMI, which makes it good for gaming or streaming videos from devices.


  • There is no support for “3D display.”.


The Philips Ambilight 43PUS8545/12 provides users with a 4K experience, among other quality features. With features such as the Ambilight LED, Dolby Vision, and Atmos, it provides crisp and quality images and a better user experience.

Check out the latest price for the Philips Ambilight 43PUS8545/12