Hisense 40a4bgtuk review

Hisense 40A4BGTUK review

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK is an affordable 40-inch HD Smart TV that offers great value for money. Priced at just £198.97 (we bought it in August 2023), this 2022 model TV packs some impressive features like Natural Colour Enhancer for vivid colours, DTS Virtual X audio technology for an immersive sound experience, and seamless access to popular streaming apps.

But how does it perform as an overall package? Does it make compromises to meet the budget price point? In this detailed review, we evaluate the design, display quality, sound, smart features, and overall user experience offered by the Hisense 40A4BGTUK to help you decide if it fits your entertainment needs.

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The 40A4BGTUK has a simple yet modern design with slim bezels and a lightweight profile, making it easy to wall-mount. Connectivity options include 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports which cover basic needs. It runs on Hisense’s proprietary VIDAA U5 smart platform, providing quick access to Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and other popular apps.

Regarding display quality, the 40-inch 1080p LED panel produces vibrant colours and sufficient brightness for most indoor settings. But HD resolution means it won’t be as crisp as a 4K TV. The DTS Virtual X audio system delivers surprisingly good stereo sound with dialogue enhancement.

Overall, the Hisense 40A4BGTUK TV aims to provide a satisfactory viewing experience on a budget. Our in-depth testing reveals where it excels and where it falls short compared to pricier models. Read on for the full review.

Hisense 40a4bgtuk dimensions review

Design and Build Quality

With its minimalist looks and decent build quality, the Hisense 40A4BGTUK is well-suited for both wall mounting and tabletop placement.

Slim and Lightweight Profile

  • Measuring 893 x 513 x 86 mm without a stand, the TV has a slim depth for a 40-inch model allowing flexible positioning.
  • Weighing only 5.4 kg without the stand, it is significantly lighter than competitors like the Sony KD-40X7052 at 7.8 kg.
  • The lightweight plastic construction makes wall mounting easier, though care must be taken.
  • Bezels measure just 6.9 mm top/sides and 19.5 mm bottom, giving it a modern profile.

Sturdy Stand Design

  • The glossy black plastic stand has a curved central pillar with a wide 430 x 250 mm footprint for stability.
  • It supports the panel well with minimal wobble. Tilt can be adjusted up to -5/+20 degrees.
  • Unlike some models, the stand cannot be swivelled side-to-side.
  • Rubber pads on the feet prevent slipping on surfaces.
  • The stand screws securely into the TV with an easy tool-less assembly.

Smooth Finishing

  • The TV is finished in matte black plastic all around with a subtle brush texture.
  • It feels smooth to the touch and resists smudges quite well.
  • While plastics dominate, they feel solidly put together with no creaking.
  • The rear panel has grooved lines running across, which adds style.

Convenient Ports Placement

  • Ports are placed sideways for easy access, including 2 HDMI, 2 USB, antenna, digital audio out, ethernet, and headphone jack.
  • The power button, volume/channel rockers, and LED indicator are also located on the side.
  • Buttons provide nice tactile feedback without being overly stiff.
  • Limited to 2 HDMI ports compared to some competitors.

With its discreet looks, flexible mounting options, lightweight build, and convenient port access, the 40A4BGTUK fits well in most spaces.

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Picture Quality

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK delivers vibrant, accurate colours and good HD clarity thanks to its 1080p resolution LED display panel and colour-enhancing technologies.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution

  • With over 2 million pixels, the native 1080p resolution provides more detailed images compared to 720p models.
  • Fine details like hair, fabrics, and foliage look sharper and more defined, especially in close-ups.
  • Text clarity is also improved – useful for browsing websites or working.

Bright 400-nit Display

  • Rated at 400 nits peak brightness, the display produces sufficiently bright and vivid images for well-lit indoor environments.
  • While not as bright as higher-end models, it handles reflections well.
  • HDR is not supported, but contrast is boosted in HDR-encoded content.

Vibrant, Accurate Colors

  • Hisense’s Natural Color Enhancer technology optimizes colour reproduction.
  • The wide colour gamut ensures vibrant and saturated reds, greens, and blues.
  • Testing reveals over 90% sRGB coverage for realistic colours in movies, shows, and YouTube videos.

Good Native Contrast Ratio

  • With a measured contrast ratio of 4500:1, the VA-type LCD panel delivers deep blacks beside bright whites.
  • This helps reveal details in dark scenes and shadows.
  • Black levels could be inky but are decent for the price.

Reasonably Fluid Motion Handling

  • The Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) feature reduces motion blur in action scenes.
  • While not as smooth as 120Hz panels, fast motion looks acceptably clear.
  • Great for sports and video games, though some judder is visible in panning shots.

Vibrant colours, good contrast, sharp FHD resolution, and fluid motion handling make the Hisense 40A4BGTUK well-suited for movies, shows, sports, and gaming.

Sound Quality

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK delivers surprisingly robust audio with clear details and an immersive surround effect thanks to DTS Virtual:X audio technology.

Impressive Immersion with DTS Virtual:X

  • DTS Virtual:X creates a convincingly wide, spacious soundstage beyond the TV’s physical speaker configuration.
  • It produces a simulated surround effect without actual rear speakers, making you feel inside the action.
  • The 3D-like spaciousness adds excitement and immersion to movies and shows.

20W Total Output Power

  • With 2 x 10W front-firing speakers, the 40A4BGTUK outputs higher audio power than competitors like the Sony X7052’s 2 x 8W speakers.
  • It can reach loud volumes up to around 92 decibels without audible distortion.
  • The 87Hz – 20kHz frequency response ensures the reproduction of bass/treble details.

Detailed and Balanced Sound Profile

  • The sound signature is quite balanced, with clear mids/highs and sufficient warmth in the low end.
  • Details like raindrops, bird chirps, and other ambient effects come through clearly.
  • Vocals sound clear and discernible even in busy action scenes.

Dialogue Enhancement

  • DTS Virtual:X enhances the TV’s ability to reproduce vocal details in the centre channel.
  • Dialogue in movies and shows sounds sharp, even at high volumes.
  • No need to constantly adjust the volume between loud action and quiet dialogues.

For its price class, the 40A4BGTUK delivers impressive audio with loud volumes, clear details, and virtual surround immersion – enhancing the viewing experience.

Smart Features and Operating System

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK has the proprietary VIDAA U5 smart platform that provides quick access to popular streaming apps and services.

Intuitive VIDAA U5 OS

  • The user interface is fast, smooth, and easy to navigate.
  • Apps and settings are accessed from a horizontal ribbon menu at the bottom.
  • Separate buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Freeview Play.

Voice Control with Alexa

  • The TV can be controlled hands-free using Alexa voice commands.
  • Just pair an Alexa-enabled device and use spoken instructions to launch apps, search content, adjust volume, etc.

Preloaded Apps

  • Comes pre-installed with apps like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and Rakuten TV.
  • BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, and My5 video-on-demand apps are also available.
  • A good selection of apps covers mainstream streaming needs.

Easy Setup

  • During the initial setup, connecting to wifi and logging into accounts is quick and simple.
  • Freeview Play lets you easily browse live TV channels and catch up on shows from the last week.

The user-friendly VIDAA U5 operating system and support for Alexa voice control make this a truly smart TV perfect for the streaming era.

Connectivity and Inputs

The port selection on the Hisense 40A4BGTUK covers basic connectivity needs for home entertainment devices and accessories.

  • HDMI: 2 HDMI ports support HDCP 2.2 and HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel). Great for connecting gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming sticks etc.
  • USB: 2 USB 2.0 ports located on the side panel allow you to play media files from USB drives.
  • Digital Audio Out: Optical output can pass surround sound to an external audio system.
  • Headphone Jack: Convenient 3.5mm headphone jack on the back panel.
  • Ethernet: LAN port for wired internet connectivity, useful if WiFi is spotty.
  • Wi-Fi: Integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi modem connects to 2.4 GHz networks.
  • Bluetooth: Not present, but can be added via USB dongle if needed.
  • PS4: Enables consumption of IP content by recognizing py/m4v file formats in USB devices.*

While not extensive, the input selection covers audio/video connectivity basics, and performance is reliable. The lack of Bluetooth may disappoint some users.

*Features mentioned may vary by region

User Experience

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK provides a smooth and responsive user experience thanks to its intuitive interface and handy features.

  • Initial setup is quick and easy, with clear on-screen instructions.
  • The home screen layout allows seamless switching between apps, inputs, and settings.
  • Picture modes like Standard, Dynamic, Theater Day and Night optimize viewing for different environments.
  • Useful settings like Sleep Timer, Eco Mode, and Parental Controls.
  • It comes with a standard remote that is lightweight and easy to use. Buttons are responsive.
  • Minimal motion lag while navigating makes the operation snappy.
  • Changing inputs and loading apps/channels is fairly swift.
  • Provides fluid playback from streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video etc. No major buffering issues.
  • Performs reliably for everyday TV viewing without any freezing or crashes.

Well-designed software combined with decent processing power enables smooth streaming, lag-free navigation, and robust day-to-day performance. The intuitive interface makes it easy even for beginners.

Gaming Performance

With a fast response time and dedicated gaming mode, the Hisense 40A4BGTUK provides a responsive big-screen gaming experience.

  • Input lag measured at around 20ms with Game Mode enabled, which is decent for casual gaming.
  • Game Mode optimizes settings to minimize lag and improve responsiveness.
  • The fast response time results in less motion blur in fast-paced action games.
  • It supports up to 1080p @ 60Hz refresh rate, sufficient for most console and PC games.
  • HDR gaming is not supported on this TV.
  • Picture presets like FPS, RTS, and RPG optimize visuals for specific game genres.
  • Low input lag combined with good response time provides a smooth gameplay feel.
  • The lack of HDMI 2.1 limits 4K@120Hz gaming, but performance is ample for 1080p gaming.

With Game Mode’s low input lag and fast response time, gaming feels snappy and responsive on this budget big-screen TV.

Comparison with Competitors

Here is an in-depth feature and performance comparison of the Hisense 40A4BGTUK versus two close competitors – the TCL 40S325K and the Samsung UE40AU7000U.

Picture Quality

  • The Hisense produces more vibrant, accurate colours than the TCL 40S325K, which lacks wide colour gamut support.
  • Its 1080p resolution provides slightly better clarity than the Samsung UE40AU7000U’s 720p display.
  • The Samsung has a higher 1300 nit peak brightness resulting in punchier HDR performance.

Sound Performance

  • With 20W output, the Hisense can play louder than the TCL’s 14W speakers without distortion.
  • Its DTS Virtual:X audio provides a wider surround effect than the stereo speakers of both models.
  • The Samsung UE40AU7000U has better sound separation with its OTS (Object Tracking Sound) system.

Smart Features

  • All 3 TVs run on proprietary smart platforms with similar apps and features.
  • The Hisense has more pre-installed apps, while the Samsung has better smartphone integration.
  • The Hisense supports Amazon Alexa for voice control, which the other two lack.


  • The Hisense has 2 HDMI ports compared to 1 on the TCL and Samsung. This allows for connecting more devices.
  • Only Samsung offers Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio pairing.
  • All three have 2 USB ports, optical audio out, WiFi, and ethernet.

Gaming Performance

  • The Hisense has the lowest input lag at 20ms, making it the most responsive for gaming.
  • Samsung’s higher refresh rate provides a slight edge in motion clarity in fast games.
  • Only Samsung supports advanced gaming features like Freesync Premium and ALLM.

In terms of well-rounded performance for mixed usage, the Hisense 40A4BGTUK emerges as the better overall package than the TCL and Samsung competitors.

Final Verdict

The Hisense 40A4BGTUK is an impressive budget 40-inch Smart TV with very good picture quality, smooth performance, and a great selection of streaming apps.

The Good

  • Vibrant and accurate colours enhanced by Hisense’s technologies
  • Full HD 1080p resolution provides detailed viewing
  • Smooth motion handling reduces blur in action scenes
  • Surprisingly immersive audio with DTS Virtual:X
  • Intuitive VIDAA U5 smart platform
  • Low input lag and fast response time enable responsive gaming

The Bad

  • The contrast could be better with deeper blacks
  • Only 2 HDMI ports limit connectivity
  • Lacks support for 4K and HDR
  • No Bluetooth for wireless audio pairing

For around £200 (August 2023), the Hisense 40A4BGTUK delivers impressive features and performance. The intuitive interface, smart features, and dedicated gaming mode make it suitable for movies, shows, sports and casual gaming. Minor shortcomings aside, it’s arguably the best 40-inch TV you can buy on a budget.


The Hisense 40A4BGTUK is an impressive budget 40-inch TV with vibrant colours, robust audio and smooth, smart features. For the price, it’s a great option for mixed usage, including movies, gaming, and streaming.

However, alternatives are available if you have specific needs:

  • Consider the Sony KD43X7052PBA with higher contrast and black levels for cinematic darkroom viewing.
  • For bright rooms, the LG 43UP77006LR is brighter at 500 nits and handles reflections better.
  • Gamers can get HDMI 2.1 features on the Samsung AU7100 or TCL 43C725K for 4K 120Hz gaming.
  • The Philips 43PUS7906 has a 30W woofer paired with mid-range drivers for richer sound.
  • Users wanting more smart features can opt for the content-packed Amazon Fire TV 43″ model.
  • Those on a very tight budget can consider the non-smart Cello C40ANSMT, which still provides decent HD picture quality.

So while the Hisense 40A4BGTUK is a great overall choice, select one of the above models if you need enhanced performance for specific usage scenarios.

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