Philips 24PFT5505/12 Review

Released in 2020, this 1080P full high definition TV operates with Saphi, a fast, intuitive operating system. It is compact, light, with 70 Freeview channels with an electronic Program guide. It can also double as a computer screen because of the VGA. VGA is the Video Graphics Array connector that acts as a link ink between a computer and the monitor or between a computer and the television screen.

You can share the fun by connecting your USB memory-stick, digital camera, or other multimedia device to the USB port to enjoy great content. Philips’ Pixel Plus HD engine optimizes picture quality delivering beautiful contrast and crisp images. It also has autozoom and superzoom features

Philips 24PFT5505/12 has 2 HDMI ports for consoles Blu-ray players and 1 USB port and an inbuilt Wi-Fi


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Screen size: 24 inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080p, Full HD

Panel: LED


HDMI input: 2


  • It can double as a Computer monitor because of the attached  VGA connector
  • It is light and can be set up anywhere, hence can serve as a travel TV
  • It has a VESA mount and a removable stand
  • It has  a One-stop Home button and a Firmware upgradeable via USB


  • This computer would have been better with the Ultrahigh definition resolution
  • It will also benefit from an internal Wi-Fi


Still an excellent recommendation when working with a budget and for mobile TV


Check out the latest price for the Philips 24PFT5505/12