Camcorder SR-301S Review

The Camcorder SR-301S Model originally gained ground in the Asian world, but its easy accessibility and skill in operation has made it wide spread into the global market.


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Processor; Intel Core i5

Memory; 12GB SD card

Storage; 238G

Screen; 5, LED

Resolution; 1920 x 1080

Mode; HD, 25MP, 270 degree, and 30FPS

Battery and Storage; lithium ion rechargeable batteries, 1250 mAh and 0 degree to 40 degree


The Camcorder SR-301S Model propels and rotates at angle 270 degrees which gives a fair resolution for immobile photography

The SR-301S give a webcam upgrade slough giving the an immense outdoor photo resolution for Conference images

The camcorder brand bring about a black, white, violet image colorations thereby providing adequate customers with a wide variety of options to select.


Its large weight reduces its portability, and makes it a bit of bulky for the customers in carriage and delivery

In this brand the connectivity adaptation poses tremendous drudgery for users, despite the various ports for connectivity the brand still wobbles in its strength.

The camcorder model is rendered weak and insensitive on exposure to thunder, lightning and harsh climatic condition.

This brand has a relative fair speed, and quite cool for Users


The Camcorder SR-301S Model, heavy weight makes its composition rigid.

The Camcorder SR-301S Model rigidity and 270 degrees makes it difficult to focus and also affects the clarity of its views

Despite its bulky weight, The Camcorder SR-301S Model, has its spare materials readily available in the local market. The use of LED in this model may not readily give the best display and might be carcinogenic. 


Check out the latest price for the Camcorder SR-301S