Vuze XR-BLK XR Review

The vuze XR-BLK XR is a qualitative brand that was upgraded in affiliate to the java source in California, its refurbishment have gone beyond basic digital brands to awesome camcorder design which is of demand in the global market.


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Processor; Intel Core i5

Memory; 12GB SD card

Storage; 238G

Screen; 2 inches, LCD

Resolution; 1920 x 1080

Mode; HD, 3D 360 degree, and 60FPS

Battery and Storage; lithium ion rechargeable batteries  and 0 degree to 40 degree


The vuze brand presents a rotatory of 360 degree which in turn gives a higher resolution and clarity.

Unlike other brands the vuze brand can produce a yellow, blue and black capture frame.

The price range of vuze brand is usually slashed periodically.

In video and play making, it has a mode that compresses the files for less storage capacity

It is waterproof branded and hence gives an advantage in protection

The Image sensor for this camcorder resolute quality Images, together with the 360 degree rotation.


Despite its quality and sharp resolutions, its images shot over long range are usually poor in quality.

Difficulties occur on usage of this brand on other device outlet such as Iphone, giving users of Iphone difficulty and disappointments.

The model comes along with variance and instability in price, often very expensive at the onset and becomes very cheap.


Its light weight and dimension makes this brand very portable and easy to carry around.

Its camcorder push button creates convenience in control and processing of the device, which in turn reduces tedium

Its available tripod stand, gives a higher projection to the quality of image and photos, and also in motion photography the tripod stand reduces the tendency of blurriness.


Check out the latest price for the Vuze XR-BLK XR