Ultra 55UM7400 Review

The Ultra 55UM7400 is true, one of the few energy-efficiency classified television models. That means using the TV wouldn’t eat deep into your energy bills and you wouldn’t have to spend so much to maintain it.

It also delivers the images and videos in Ultra High Definition (UHD), and this is also rendered in 4K.

The connectivity options on this television model are also many. From the Bluetooth 5.0 (web version) to the Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN, connecting this TV will be a breeze.


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A+ Energy Efficiency Class

Features nice interactive TV properties

Child-proof installation

The viewing angle is great


  • The software that comes with it allows you to have instant and easy access to many TV channels, including Disney+, Netflix, Chili, Amazon Prime Videos, Apple+, and Infinity.
  • The sound quality is high because of the two impressive speakers.


  • Some buyers claim that Alexa doesn’t recognize the television so it shouldn’t be passed off as Smart TV.
  • You may find it easy to connect a smartphone to the television


The Ultra 55UM7400 television has what it takes to deliver excellent display. The software also enables the TV to connect to your favorite channels so you can enjoy real-time streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.


Check out the latest price for the Ultra 55UM7400