Neato Robotic Botvac D402 Review

Everybody deserves to be in a clean environment that is free from dust and pet hair. Keeping the house clean and free from these pollutants is not a treasure map, you will have to scrub your floor until your back aches.
But with Neato Botvac D402, everything is fine like a bottle of wine. The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is designed to relieve you from hectic chores like floor scrubbing and vacuuming.
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It has the following features

  • Programmed Cleanings
  • .LaserSmart Technology
  • Big Combo Brush
  • Virtual No-Go Lines
  • Smart Device Controllable


  • While many people are busy during the day to clean their houses, you can choose the cleaning schedule which favours you, and Naeto Robotic Botvac D402 will clean your floor in your absence.
  • Presence of Virtual No-Go Lines makes the vacuum cleaner not to interfere with your clothes on the floor. If you want to clean your room and there are cartons on the floor, add a No-Go Line on Neato App, and it won’t touch them.
  • Laser Technology makes sure all the dirt, dust and pet hair on the floor is thorough wiped. The technology creates a detailed rooster to guarantee outstanding performance.


  • Some users have noted that the vacuum cleaner is a little bit noisy. The noise produced makes it difficult for one to concentrate while watching or studying.
  • For pet lovers, be keen enough when using this vacuum cleaner because if you use it when your pet is present, be prepared for it to be baffled.

This is the best vacuum cleaner for people who have congested rooms since it has Virtual No-Go lines that keep it from touching your belongings. It detects the position of your furniture to avoid collision them while cleaning. Plan to have this vacuum cleaner before the year ends.
Check out the latest price for the Neato Robotic Botvac D402