Naeto Robotic Botvac D602 Review

Cleaning your floor does not have to be an immense chore. You should relax and enjoy watching Naeto Robotic Bptvac do the task for you. The vacuum cleaner has a D-shape that allows it to penetrate under the low-profile furniture and clean hard to reach areas like the corners.
Just like its counter cleaner Naeto Robotic Botvac D402, Naeto Robotic Botvac D602 uses LaserSmart Technology which builds an in-depth plan of your rooms to make sure the robot covers all the corners.
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It has the following Features

  • LaserSmart Technology
  • Multiple Floor Plan Feature
  • Virtual No-Go Lines
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • WiFi Connectivity


  • Say goodbye to pet hair, dust and allergens and say hello to sparkling clean rooms. The LaserSmart Technology makes sure the vacuum cleaner coves the entire floor. Together with its D-shape, the cleaner vacuums all the floor corners.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a multiple floor plan feature that stores more than two-floor cleaning plans. This is a good sign for people who have multi-story buildings.
  • The cleaner has a battery that lasts for more than seventy-five minutes on a single charge. This is enough time for it to vacuum the entire room.
  • The vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dirt and pet hair on the floor. It does an admirable job since pet hair, and dust has nowhere to hide.
  • Once the vacuum cleaner is done with vacuuming the room, it emails you a report of exactly where it cleaned.


  • A good number of Neato Robotic Botvac D602 users have noted that the cleaner is only suitable for hard floors that are tidy and have no change of levels. It does easily adjust from low level to high level.

This is the vacuum cleaner for people with multi-story-building. Naeto Robotic Botvac has MultiFloor Plan Feature that allows it to vacuum many rooms at a go. The feature stores up to three-floor cleaning plans.
Check out the latest price for the Naeto Robotic Botvac D602