Microsoft Surface Pro 7 VNX-00017 Review

This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 works anywhere, whether you are working from home or your office, it is your perfect computing buddy. It is powerful enough to handle any sort of workloads yet light enough to be carried anywhere.

The battery life is terrific so you do not need to stay plugged all the time. it also has a great computing experience that makes it adapt to whatever position you want it to be. The core i7 beauty is powerful and great for multi-tasking, which is a big plus for anyone.


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1.    Processor – Core i7-1065G7, 1.3GHz

2.    Screen size – 12.3”

3.    Screen resolution – 2736 x 1824

4.    RAM/storage – 16GB RAM and 256GB flash

5.    Battery life – 11 hours


1.    With its Windows 10 Home, you can do more. It allows great features and even Cortana as your personal assistant.

2.    The immersive Dolby Audio Premium makes the music sound extreme and suitable for the visuals.

3.    It has an improved gaming performance which the i5 lacked.

4.    The overall system performance is excellent, it exhibited a pronounced willingness to perform and its combination of RAM and storage is perfect especially if you have heavy workloads.


1.    For an i7 tablet, its features are farfetched. The device is not upgraded from the Pro 6, which doesn’t make it a good alternative.

2.    It does not have WWAN or GPS which is a downside for an i7 surface tablet

3.    It is also fairly expensive, which may not put a lot of people off

4.    For a classy tablet as this, the port selection is limited. It doesn’t include Thunderbolt 3 which is a big shame.


The most significant part of this Microsoft Surface PRO 7 i7 is the graphics performance, the same as the GPU performance. Additionally, it is a big improvement from i5 and has excellent battery life.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 VNX-00017