Garmin dezl LGV800 MT-S 010-02314-11 Review

The Garmin dezl LGV700 MT-S 010-02313-11 is an excellent navigator to get by professional truckers. While looking at the features, it will be easy to accept that it is a suitable device for truckers to plan their trips. 

When using the device, there is an assurance that the journey will go on without difficulty.

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  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 (HD ).
  • Display Size: 8-inches.
  • Display Type: IPS.
  • Weight: 387g.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion.
  • Magnetic mount.


  • It has 8 inches display with HD capability. The high resolution enables truckers to see the contents of the navigator’s screen with clarity. 
  • With the portrait and landscape mode, they can interact with the device in different ways. The touchscreen also improves users’ interactions.
  • It supports the use of gadgets such as the backup cam and dashcam. These gadgets are the right choice for professional truckers. 
  • The backup camera makes it easy for truckers to reverse their vehicle without a problem. 
  • A truck parking module and load-to-dock guidance are included, which helps truckers know about parking lots and loading zones.
  • Truckers can interact with the copilot (Voice Assistant) by saying the magic word, which is “OK Garmin.” 
  • The VA is ideal because it keeps truckers aware of what is happening during a journey. For example, it will synchronize with the driver alerts feature, which will inform them of sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossing, etc.
  • It has both WiFi and Bluetooth. On the one hand, the wireless connection makes updating maps seamless. Bluetooth allows drivers to receive calls from a compatible smartphone without removing their hands from the wheel.
  • It comes with a different mounting option. 
  • Drivers can use the magnetic mount, the screw-down mount or the 1-inch ball adapter


  • Some users experience the device, only giving two routes.
  • The live traffic can be inaccurate.
  • It is expensive


The Garmin dezl LGV700 MT-S 010-02313-11 is ideal for professional truckers due to the ease of planning trips. 

It supports using such gadgets (sold separately) to make travelling for truckers easier. The most relatable one is the backup camera and dashcam that will help reverse a truck and act as an eyewitness, respectively.

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