Aorus 17X XB-8UK2150MH Review

AORUS is once again leading the industry through a partnership with the world-famous mechanical mouse switch and mechanical keyboard switch specialist, OMRON. The partnership gives rise to a specially designed keyboard that is exclusive to the all-new AORUS series of gaming laptops. Not only does it have a spectacular keystroke feeling, but it also embodies the Japanese spirit of superb finishing. In addition to the smoothest and brightest background lighting on the screen, the slimmest and lightest gaming laptop in the muscle class, AORUS offers gamers a superlative partner for the battlefield.


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Standing screen display size: 17.3 inches

Processor Brand: Intel

Processor Count: 1

Memory Technology: DDR4

Maximum Memory Supported: 16 GB

Hard Disk Technology: Flash Memory Solid State


  • Every key can be programmed individually to indicate how you want to use the game or application, allowing the user to immediately recognize the keys to press. 
  • Taking advantage of the configuration RGB fusion software found in the AORUS range, here goes a step further with the all-powerful AORUS 17X. In combination with the RGB keyboard lighting, you can also monitor all the RGB lighting found in the AORUS 17X chassis.
  • OMRON Mechanical Key Switch World’s First Laptop
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX Pro 2070
  • Intel Core i7 Processor 10th Generation (8 Core)
  • IPS screen FHD 240Hz
  • Supports “Graphical Change” technology


  • It looks like a ‘gaming laptop’
  • Webcam placement annoys
  • Bulky looking and heavy


AORUS Laptop output and battery drain are still a design issue, and now with the “Graphic Switch” in the AORUS Control Center, gamers can switch various GPU modes to match the situation. Additionally, gamers can reach max on a discreet NVIDIA GPU or save battery power using NVIDIA Optimus technology.


Check out the latest price for the Aorus 17X XB-8UK2150MH