Aeg -Rx9 (900 277 268) Review

I cannot complete the list without mentioning Aeg-Rx9. The vacuum cleaner uses 3rd vision technology that enables it to achieve an excellent coverage guaranteeing a complete vacuuming. It has sensors and two lasers fitted on it that allow it not to suck all the dust.
It has a 3D vision system that detects any obstacles on its way in three dimensions on the ground and above the ground. The cleaner has the following features;
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  • Cliff Sensors
  • Has Trinity Shape Triangular Design
  • Powerful Main Brush
  • Patented Intelligent Navigation System
  • 3d Vision Technology


  • The vacuum cleaner has a mobile application that allows you to control it from the comfort of your couch. You can start and stop cleaning from anywhere or schedule cleaning up to seven days a week without limits. You can also check the cleaning history from the mobile app.
  • Aeg-Rx9 has a trinity shape triangular design with large, powerful brushes that allow it to deep suck the walls and the corners up to 80% more than conventional robot vacuum cleaners. With Aeg-Rx9, your walls and corners will be super clean.
  • Aeg-Rx9 has ECO and standard cleaning modes. The ECO mode is used for routine cleaning while ECO is for maximum cleaning. The modes enable the vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt depending on the level of dirtiness


  • The vacuum cleaner shape does not allow it to clean hard to reach areas like on the corners since it can reach there. It is unable to clean walls thus dirt hides on this area.

The vacuum cleaner keeps its promises. You can observe its intelligence while it is cleaning. Once the battery runs low, Aeg-Rx9 automatically runs to its charging station for a recharge. It is advised to start cleaning from the charging station so that it can vacuum the whole area next cleaning session.
Check out the latest price for the Aeg -Rx9 (900 277 268)