Junior by bObsweep (WJ540011)

Junior by bObsweep gives you an opportunity to breathe easy and have time to go over your kid’s homework. The vacuum cleaner is efficient and effective when it comes to vacuuming. It sweeps, vacuums and filters all the dust and allergens on the air. With Junior by bObsweep, pet hair and fur are no longer a headache.
The cleaner has long main brush and a giant dustbin. The large dustbin allows it to cover a large portion before emptying it. It has the following features;
Check out the latest price for the Junior by bObsweep (WJ540011)

  • Cliff Sensors
  • Large Dustbin
  • Automatic self-charging
  • Universal vacuum cleaner
  • Edge sensors and wall sensors


  • The vacuum cleaner has 1100 mL dustbin that makes sure it can suck up the dust without frequent emptying. This means that it can vacuum your floor without your presence.
  • Junior by bObsweep has zero maintenance cost since it is not prone to falling. The vacuum cleaner has edge and wall sensors that keep it from slipping.
  • When the vacuum cleaner gets stuck on the rug corners, it sends out a distress beep to let you know and flip it from the corner and start him back to work. Junior by bObsweep stops when stuck on the rugs to avoid damaging the carpet.


  • The vacuum cleaner’s spin brush on the sides clean under the cabinets to the baseboard and low-profile furniture as expected but it does not sweep crumbs out of its way. You will have to use a broom to clean under the cabinets to remove the left debris.
  • Junior by bObsweep users has noted that the cleaner’s flat design allows hair to wrap around the axil of the rear wheel and when it happens, the wheel gets locked up. The vacuum cleaner starts moving back and forth as it tries to rid itself from the hair. As it consistently runs back and forth, it damages the carpet.

Enjoy the work of Junior by bObsweep at the comfort of your sofa. The vacuum cleaner has LED screen that lets you know what caused the trouble. It is one of the best vacuum cleaners I can recommend to anyone looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner.
Check out the latest price for the Junior by bObsweep (WJ540011)