TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 500 (1GF0.002.00) Review

Enhance the performance of your TomTom Sat Nav Rider Motorcycle with small accessories. Discover the most beautiful roads and personalise the routes you’re headed too. Attach your start, finish, and TripAdvisor stops on the way to build a perfect trip itinerary. TomTom’s real-time traffic data helps your devices to design traffic routes-even if you’ve begun your journey intelligently.


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Memory Type: MicroSD

Included Memory: 8000 MB

DGPS Ready: No

Colour Display: Yes

Display Resolution: 480×272

Display Size (inch): 4.3 inches

Touch Screen: Yes


  • You can route with more hills and more thrills: get all the cornering, hills and charges you can do with TomTom’s Sat Nav Motorcycle Rider! Scan, build, or import routes, and then start your journey.
  • Weatherproof construction: TomTom’s Rider GPS Sat Nav’s rugged, IPX7-certified weatherproof design and capacitive touchscreen remain under your influence.
  • Get maps, speed camera warnings, and other live service notifications quickly via the TomTom Rider GPS Sat Nav. 
  • With the Quad-core processor: the TomTom Rider GPS Sat Nav quad-core processor runs commands simultaneously, doubling the total processing speed and increasing the Sat Nav GPS speed by five times.
  • Smart screen: See more of the road ahead with the TomTom Rider GPS Sat Nav’s high brightness and sunlight-readable 4.3 “monitor, which moves seamlessly between portrait and landscape mode.


  • The mount doesn’t charge
  • Difficult to use


Mounting system: Secure and protect your TomTom Sat Nav motorcycle with a unique RAM mount. Standard with the TomTom Rider and easy to install, the mount protects against drops and vibration. TomTom’s screen is capacitive – like a smartphone – but it will work smartly, no matter what kind of gloves you wear. You can change the sensitivity. The only downside is that when programming a route with bare hands, the computer can be a little over-sensitive.


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 500 (1GF0.002.00)