TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52 L133479 Review

Touchscreen controls make Sat Nav easy to use. Tom Road Trips let you plan exciting routes and also, advanced lane guidance makes complicated junctions easy. Enjoy three months of speed camera and touchscreen gives you easy control of the TomTom START 52 5 “Sat Nav.


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Connections: USB

Screen: 5″ touchscreen

Resolution: 480 x 272p

Route editing: Yes

Pre-planned computer routing: MyDrive app

Speed camera alerts: Yes


  • You can scroll across the map to see your path and tap the map to set routes instead of searching for an address. 
  • New maps are published seasonally and can be downloaded from your PC. These updates include road improvements, speed limit adjustments, and are free for your device’s lifetime.
  • TomTom Road Trips Hand-pick routes display the best roads to travel along so that you can travel for fun. Each path can be personalised to get what you want out of the trip so that you can enjoy the journey.
  • Advanced lane guidance indicates which lane is better for the next exit. You won’t need to make abrupt adjustments to the route just after you leave the motorway, since you’ll already be on the right lane for the next turn. 
  • Three months of speed camera locations alert lets you know when the speed camera is coming up and alerts you of the speed limit in case you’re going a little faster. After three months, you can sign up to continue getting speed camera locations, so you’re never taken by surprise.


  • It can be irritating if your sat nav doesn’t reflect the layout of the route. 


If you’re looking for a straightforward sat-nav that will show you the shortest or fastest route from A to B without any bells and whistles, the TomTom Start 52 will do a fine job. For an affordable cost, you will enjoy visual and audible instructions, free map updates for the sat-nav’s lifetime. However, there’s no way to connect traffic details to this sat-nav- so it won’t help you avoid getting caught in a traffic jam!


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52 L133479