Tiertime Cetus 3DP-18-4A Review


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The Tiertime Cetus MK3 is a highly compact yet well-engineered 3D printer that has been made to last. Unlike most 3D printers, the Cetus is built around a modular framework that you can expand with upgrades. As you get more experienced, these upgrades include a heated bed and auto-calibration probe. Cetus MK3 inherited all great features from Cetus MK1&MK2, include linear rails motion system, three default pre-set nozzles, Plug and Play out-of-box printing experience. What’s more Tiertime has developed several types of advanced accessories for your option: full power heated build plate, auto-calibration probe, Tanya CPU. All of these make Cetus MK3 meet the more specific demands of our creative users.


Resolution: 50 microns

Operating system: Windows and Mac operating system

Weight: 6 kg

Software: UP Studio 

Build volume:  41.88×32×24 cm


  • The printer also comes with a quality direct drive extruder that features a compact construction. The extruder is well-tested in the market and adds excellent value to the printer itself.
  • The Cetus MK3 also features a special coating on the build plate that makes it easier to remove the object after printing. The surface also offers excellent adhesion for PLA, PETG, TPU, and other types of filament.
  • You will also love the 9-point matrix leveling feature that allows you to divide the print platform into nine different regions before leveling. This feature will enhance accuracy in bed leveling.
  • You will also get versatile connectivity options. The Cetus MK3 can connect via Wi-Fi for remote printing or through a USB disk.
  • The Cetus MK3 is also capable of printing different parts in one single run. Each piece will be printed using its parameters, at the same time, without affecting the final print quality.


  • It does not have an interface, and so it may be relatively harder to use for people who are not used to such printers.
  • If you want to print ABS, you’ll need an enclosure.


The Cetus MK3 is built purely for functionality. It does not have fancy aesthetics such as plastic covers, LEDs, or even an LCD screen! But the industrial-looking unit indeed is designed to do its job with reliability and longevity in mind.


Check out the latest price for the Tiertime Cetus 3DP-18-4A