More than just a tracker, the Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE Smart watch from Samsung is a motivator, coach, and companion. It’s designed to give your insight and data on how well you perform your exercise of choice, your heart rate, stress, and other aspects of your health and fitness.

Below we will review some of the most important benefits and downsides to this model to see if it might be right for you.


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  • Hands-Free Calls & Messaging via LTE
  • Automatically Track Workouts
  • Running Coach Gives Real-Time Advice
  • Heart Rate Monitor with 8 Photodiodes


Long Battery Life & Wireless Charging: The built-in battery of the Active2 is designed to last for over a day with normal use. When you need to power up, simply rest it on the included wireless magnetic charger.

Heart Rate Monitor: The Active2 smart watch features a curved design that molds to your wrist, allowing eight full photodiodes to work on monitoring your heart rate. You’re alerted if your heart rate rises or falls below normal levels.

Stress & Sleep: The Active2 can monitor your sleep and give you helpful insight in the morning on how to improve it in order to help achieve a more restful night of sleep


  • It doesn’t always track steps if your arms are not in a certain position and motion.
  • Disconnects from WIFI and network thorough out the day.


More modern, faster and clearer than the previous version, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 connected watch will accompany you on a daily basis and in all your sports activities. Concentrated in technology, this watch with an authentic rounded shape and an aluminum case will find its place perfectly on your wrist


Check out the latest price for the SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 SM-R820NZDAXEF