Philips 24PHT4354/05 Review

Looking for a great quality image small TV shouldn’t be that hard but you might be surprised by all the options on the market. One of these is Philips 24PHT4354/05 24″ HD Ready LED TV which was created as an ideal device for the kitchen, kid’s den, or university halls. At this point you certainly need more information to make the best possible decision, so continue reading the following review and find those answers.


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  • HD resolution (1.366 x 768) and LED technology
  • Pixel Plus HD
  • Two HDMI ports and one USB slot
  • A great quality minimalistic design


  • Although it is a small size TV it offers LED technology to enhance your visual experience and Pixel Plus HD stands for excellent black and white values with rich colors and improves your TV’s picture regardless of the source. From now on you can enjoy much sharper images.
  • It counts with an LED backlight that guarantees not only lower power consumption but delivers high brightness, incredible contrast, and vivid, lifelike colors.
  • It offers a VGA input, allowing you to connect your TV to your computer using a VGA cable, so you will be able to enjoy working on a big LED screen with perfect contrast.
  • Because of its size, it could turn into a great 24” PC monitor and it’s really simple to switch it from one function to the other.


  • Some slots and inputs on the back are poorly positioned, and that makes them hard to plug if your TV is wall mounted. Sometimes you will even need to get it down to use the plug, especially for the i/0 while the tv is in situ against a wall.
  • The TV is deeper than others on the market, so if you are planning to install wall mounted it will protrude from the wall more than usual.


The Philips 24PHT4354/05 24″ HD Ready LED TV is not a 4K TV, but it doesn’t need to be. For a reasonable price, you will acquire device with LED technology, great quality image and sound as well.


Check out the latest price for the Philips 24PHT4354/05