Panasonic TX-65GX561B Review

With a whopping 65-inches, the Panasonic TX-65GX561B is a serious premium smart television for serious buyers. With 4K capability and plenty of streaming options, the TX-65GX561B is a solid choice in a crowded market of premium 4K televisions, but many of its features can be beaten by its solid competition. Its 4K resolution is spread over 65 -inches of screen, so it is not the sharpest model on the market.

Check out the latest price for the best alternative for Panasonic TX-65GX561B, the JX800BZ 4K 2021 model.


  • Resolution: 3180 x 2160
  • Input: x3 HDMI, RCA composite with audio, RF input, Digital Audio, VGA, x2 USB
  • Output: 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Special Feature: Smart TV


This model is great for users who want to watch 4K high-quality content on their television. While not the most advanced screen, it does play 4K reliably, and UHD content will look quite nice on it.

It features a solid variety of ports and, because it is a smart TV, you will be able to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Video, Freeview, and many other services without the need for an additional external box like some non-smart televisions. This is a standard 65-inch 4K ready television that is good for the average to the premium consumer.


Many users online have reported that this model has arrived broken when ordered through the Internet, so take precautions and opt for pickup if possible. The build quality is not the best compared to similar televisions in its bracket, and the same goes for the speakers as they are rather tinny sounding.

Without using the Ethernet port for a direct Internet connection, some users may find their Wi-Fi incapable of delivering 4K content, so try to connect it to a wired connection if possible.


This television is okay for users who want a big 4K screen but do not care much about build quality or a premium experience.

Panasonic TX-65GX561B has been discontinued. Here is a newer model with similar specifications and prices.