OPPO Reno2 4000 930086152 Review


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All screen, no notches meet the Oppo Reno 2. No notches, no pinhole camera, no speaker grille, just a gorgeous AMOLED screen that lets you stay focused on the app you’re browsing or show you’re watching. It’s got a better-than-Full HD resolution, too, so you’ll see all those details that your old handset struggled to display. It’s also got a great sunlight mode that massively boosts the screen brightness (up to a huge 800 nits) when it senses bright light—no more squinting on a sunny day. A quad-camera system with Bokeh Effect With a 48 MP ultra-clear main camera, as well as a wide-angle lens, mono lens, and portrait lens, whatever you’re capturing, you’ve got the perfect tool in your kit. The 5x hybrid zoom and 20x optical zoom let you get right up close to your subject with no blurry distortion, and there’s even a Bokeh effect to help you get professional quality video.


Processor: Qualcomm SnapDragon 730G

Memory: 8GB

Storage: 256GB

Screen size: 6.5 inches

Operating system: Android 9


  • The sky is the limit with the Reno2’s 48MP Quad Camera. It is prepared for any shot you can dream up – near or far, moving or still, day or night. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Take in a telescopic view with 5x Hybrid Zoom and 20x Digital Zoom, bringing you closer than ever to the world around you. Seamlessly switch between different focal lengths through Fusion Imaging Technology, uninterruptedly shift through different perspectives.
  • It drowns out the background noise in videos by focusing on sounds coming from in front of the camera and cutting out sounds from other directions.
  • OPPO Reno 2 ‘Twilight Mist’ finishes take influence from the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Deep hues combine with dream-like neon detail for a graceful, iridescent color that moves in a different light.


  • Voices on calls sound hollow
  • Bloatware and spammy notifications
  • Expensive


This mobile packs in more power thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC and can perform your daily duties without slowing down. The camera setup is versatile, and there are some interesting new features such as Sound Focus, which works as long as conditions are favorable.


Check out the latest price for the OPPO Reno2 4000 930086152