LG 55UM7510PLA (S10255272) Review

With a splendid set of features, this LG 55UM7510PLA 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV is actually a leader when it comes to performance and overall value. Namely, this TV has an ULTRA HD 4K resolution which brings a whole new experience to any viewer. You can now clearly see what you been missing the whole time.


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  • Active HDR supporting image quality
  • Contrast Booster
  • Light control science
  • ULTRA 4K HD resolution
  • Rich sound Surround


  • Starting with the Active HDR that will expend your HDR choices, this TV offers an amazing quality of the image. Simply, you will experience a whole new world on this TV.
  • The Contrast Booster technology will ensure that you can enjoy a variety of screen options. This means that you can choose the option that suits you the most at the time (Theatre, Sports, Normal, Natural, etc…).
  • Right after that, we have a Rich Sound technology specially developed by the LG. This TV has an ULTRA Surround effect that brings the audio from any angle, making it really interesting and fun to watch.
  • Also, with the built-in Alexa and an LG Magic Remote, you will be able to easily operate with this TV. With the voice control feature, you don’t even need to press anything.


  • Some errors might occur when you try to use Alexa or a Voice control feature. This doesn’t happen often, but it still might occur.
  • The TV is a bit heavier than you might expect, so if you try to move it or mount it on the wall, you need to be extra careful not to damage it.


Belonging to the upper bracket of the ‘’affordable’’ price point category, this TV offers some really good benefits for any viewer. We definitely recommend it to those who prefer an exciting new viewing experience.


Check out the latest price for the LG 55UM7510PLA (S10255272)