Huawei P Smart 2019 51093GLR Review

Huawei has ticked off all of the major features that are necessary for a phone. It has provided its customers with a large screen that has a trendy and vibrant LCD with magnificent long-lasting battery capacity. Huawei P Smart 2019 has a plastic body that is available in various different colors like midnight black, sapphire blue, Aurora blue, and coral red.

This new phone is one of the most reviewed phones of 2019 which has proven to be an outstanding candidate in the competition of best midrange phones.


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  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie with HUAWEI Emotion UI 9.0
  • SIM: Hybrid Dual SIM
  • CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 710, 8-core.
  • Storage: 64GB with external storage of 512GB.
  • Display: 21 inches LCD screen.
  • Camera: 13 MP


  1. It is jam-packed with various sensors like Accelerometer Sensor, Compass, Proximity sensor, Fingerprint Sensor and Gyro Sensor that will surely make every task easy.
  2. Additionally, it possesses a 3400mAh Lithium battery.
  3. It has active noise cancellation property which would help in clear correspondence.
  4. The front camera identifies eight different selfie scenes and helps you optimize the pictures with Al technology to make your pictures flawless.
  5. It has a face unlock which gives you more control over your device.
  6. The phone allows you to scan any product directly or press on a specific object in an image to get shopping links for that product.


  1. The back is made from plastic which makes it prone to scratches.
  2. It has a mono speaker.
  3. The result of the images snapped from the camera non-satisfactory. The images seem to be overly-processed.

Final Verdict

Huawei P Smart 2019 has various features that make it stand-up between competitors. It has various sensors, actively reduces distort noises during phone calls and has introduced in the market an innovative way to shop online! Though, it has some drawbacks like the picture quality is not up to par and the back is vulnerable to damage –it is an overall good phone to be used for various multimedia purposes.


Check out the latest price for the Huawei P Smart 2019 51093GLR