Garmin Camper 780 MT-D EU (010-02228-10) Review

Widely favored among users, this is one GPS navigator that truly stands out for several reasons. These reasons are going to be highlighted in the sections below. All these are going to be very helpful when it comes to making a selection for the ideal GPS navigator.


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  • Bright touch screen, seven inches in size and without borders. This allows all the relevant information to be very visible.
  • Boxed-Product Weight: 0.88kg
  • Battery: Lithium polymer batteries
  • Battery life: The average battery running time is one hour.
  • Embedded Dash Cam with ADAS Incident Detection Function, Lane Output Pair and Front Collision Warning all of which can be hooked up with the smartphone.  


  • It takes into consideration the size and the weight of the motorhome and this is very useful when you are trying to find the most ideal path for you. There is also the possibility of saving the details of different trailers or other vehicles.
  • Easy hands-free calls with constant updates and notifications.
  • The voice-activated feature can be used for the steering and Internet access is made possible
  • The comprehensive details of campers for motorhomes and caravans all over Western Europe are available with its PARK feature. There is also a similar database for all free rest stops.


  • There are complaints regarding its price as some users feel it is overpriced.
  • Some others also feel the cable that comes with it is just too heavy and is not compatible with some sockets. Reloading can take too much time and some feel the gadget is not easy to understand.

Verdict Apart from the demerits that have been mentioned above, the GPS navigator is overall a good and recommended one. An impressive majority of those who are using it seem to have a very good time with it.


Check out the latest price for the Garmin Camper 780 MT-D EU (010-02228-10)