Ferguson F2420RTS Review

The Ferguson F2420RTS is a small smart TV produced in the United Kingdom. It has a very small screen size but with above average specifications. It is the ideal TV for those that like such devices in their bedroom.


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  • Screen Size: 24.”
  • Panel Resolution: 1280 x 720.
  • Connection: Wifi and Ethernet.
  • Display: FULL HD.
  • Support: HDMI.


  • It has a slim body, and it is lightweight. This provides owners with ease of carrying during installation.
  • It has a full HD display with a screen size of 24 inches. This means that owners can comfortably put it in small rooms. Although it has a small size, the resolution allows users to view clear pictures without having issues with light.
  • The streaming app and Catch Up on TV are well optimized. It comes pre-installed with apps such as Netflix and YouTube for easy access to videos.
  • The TV supports using storage devices to record actions on live TV. Therefore, owners can record part of their favorite shows without fear of missing them.
  • It has connectivity via It has both ethernet and WIFI connection through which it can easily connect to the internet and access apps such as YouTube and Netflix.
  • It has the Freeview DVB, which provides free to air TV channels.
  • It supports HDMI connection, which allows users to play games or watch films via a compatible smartphone.


  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has a small screen size


The Ferguson F2420RTS is a small FULL HD smart TV that you will like to get for your bedroom. It is also ideal for those having a small sitting room so that the small screen size won’t matter much. It has quality and features to provide the best users’ experience when seeking entertainment.


Check out the latest price for the Ferguson F2420RTS