Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V Review

It is a perfect blend of bigger surprise in a small package. Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V provides a 1080 hp resolution display that enhances the quality of the picture. You can view downloaded media on your computer on TV via transferring it through a USB port. Now you can watch all your favorite programs on Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V without installing any external box due to the built-in satellite feature. 2 x 3w Nicam/A2 stereo sound system produce a loud and clear sound.


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16 inches full HD LED TV screen

Built-in satellite tuner

Built-in DVD player

Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels

12 V power adapter


  • You can connect high definition external devices like game consoles and skybox to the TV via HDMI input.
  • The VESA measurements of 75mm x 75mm enable Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V to mount easily on the walls without any external support.
  • Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V saves your electricity bills by limiting the power supply as it falls under the energy efficiency class of A. Under the working condition, it consumes only 13-watt power while less than 0.5-watt power is consumed during standby condition.
  • 500:01:00 contrast ratio is capable of producing a luminance between the darkest black and the brightest white colors.
  • Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V has 100 analog and 400 digital channels.
  • Bass, treble, sound balance, standard /music /movie / sports /user sound module system is present that enhances listening capabilities. The distortion rate is less than 7%


However, 5V Antenna power that amplifies the signal or enhances picture quality is not present in Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V


Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V is small, smart, and easy to manage. The weight of the entire unit is 1.7 kg which is perfect for caravans and mobile vehicle tours. You can move it to any awkward location without any hassle.


Check out the latest price for the Ferguson F16230FT2S2-12V