Ecovacs DEEBOT 500/502 Review


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DEEBOT 500 provides a versatile, everyday cleaning solution. DEEBOT 500 efficiently cleans your floor with its multiple cleaning modes and has an appropriate cleaning mode for every job. You can control your robot with the ECOVACS Home App, a simple remote, smart home system, and enjoy some free time while DEEBOT 500 cleans for you.


Dimension: 49.6×39.7×13 cm

Capacity: 0.52 liters

Weight: 2.95 kg

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Suction: 2000 Pa


  • Give your home an intense deep clean ahead of special occasions. Standard suction power is great for everyday cleaning. When you want to give your house a sparkling cleaning, the max mode will increase suction power to clean stubborn dirt.
  • Give your home the right clean for every occasion with flexible cleaning modes – AUTO Mode for general cleaning, Edge mode for cleaning specific edges, and Spot Mode for when intensive cleaning in one area is required.
  • Never come home to a messy house again. Schedule a clean and let your robot take care of the rest.
  • Your robot’s intelligent design will make sure no dirt is left behind. Your home will be thoroughly cleaned using its three kinds of cleaning; side brushes, main brush, and vacuum.
  • Total wireless control. Your robot does the hard work for you, no matter where you are, thanks to Amazon Echo connectivity.
  • Clean your home from anywhere, anytime. App connectivity lets you take control and schedule a clean or monitor your current cleaning status all from the palm of your hand.
  • Never worry about charging your robot. When battery power is low, your intelligent robot will automatically return to its Dock Station to recharge, all by itself.
  • You can feel safe knowing your robot will protect valuable in your home while cleaning. With its Anti-Collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers, your robot will avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.


  • No room-mapping capabilities
  • There are not a lot of added features or performance.


The Deebot 500 does a great job cleaning all floor surfaces and offers some advanced features for a budget price. 


Check out the latest price for the Ecovacs DEEBOT 500/502