Dell G5 Tower 5090 793XG Review

The Dell G5 5090 is a fairly powerful gaming desktop computer such that you display your games in full HD format. This gaming desktop can handle both challenging games and productivity tasks with ease, and if you need to update in the future, all you need is a single screwdriver. One thing I appreciate about the G5 5090 is that it keeps things simple, appearance-wise, but it still has a little flair. The frame is remarkably thin, 14.5 x 12.1 x 6.7 inches, and 18.6 pounds. You can position it right on top of your desk if you have enough space, but it’s also sturdy enough to stay on the floor without being accidentally kicked. There is an elegant crosshatch pattern on the front.


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Processor Count 1

RAM Size: 1256 GB

Memory Technology: DDR4

Computer Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM

Maximum Memory Supported: 8 GB

Hard Drive Size: 1256 GB


  • It features a transparent, rounded, plastic rectangle on the left side of the G5 5090. This allows you to see the inner workings of the system at all times, softly illuminated by the blue LED mentioned above. It’s a very attractive design, and it could potentially allow you to diagnose hardware issues without ever cracking your PC.
  • Unlike most gaming computers, the G5 5090 manages productivity regularly better than most desktop computers. No matter how many programs you run simultaneously—Chrome, Slack, Microsoft Office, Netflix, Spotify, Thunderbird, and more—the RAM and CPU have never advanced past halfway thresholds. It is a desktop computer with no significant loss of speed or fidelity.
  • The G5 5090 is not overburdened with bloatware. You get Windows 10 Home Edition, plus some regular Dell software that helps you to upgrade firmware. You can contact customer service or customize the USB-C displays.


  • The G5 5090 cannot match up to more powerful PCs in the productivity department. 
  • Not ideal for QHD/UHD gaming


Here’s our verdict, the Dell G5 desktop provides smooth performance for 1080p games, along with excellent productivity options. The chassis looks great; the program is simple to use (with one notable exception), and it’s not too costly as gaming PCs do.


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