CORSAIR ONE i145 CS-9020006-UK Review

CORSAIR ONE i145 is incredibly fast, compact, and low-noise gaming computer. The PC is protected with a 2mm thick premium bead-blasted aluminium casing. This casing has a small size that allows it to sit perfectly on the working desk.

It has a reliable Intel corei7-9700k eight-core processor, CORSAIR DDR4 memory, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. The combination of these features gives the PC an excellence performance.


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Processor type: core i7 family

Processor speed: 3.6GHZ

RAM size: 32GB

Graphics card: 8GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 

Operating system: Windows 10

Hard drive size: 2TB


  • The Liquid cooling system of this PC helps to cool the processor, therefore helping to enhance the efficiency of the desktop.
  • It supports up to three 4k display with the NVIDIA G-SYNC, VR and HDR which provides superb multi-display immersion
  • The Corsair One i145 has a strong casing with an ultra-small shape factor that allows it to sit perfectly on working desk and minimize the use of space.


  • CPU and GPU pumps rpm cannot be controlled by the user.
  • Only one fan speed can be activated by the user through the custom profile irrespective of the unit temperature. But fan rpm is adjusted by the default profile depending on the unit temperature of the PC
  • It has no provision for the optical drive
  • If the iCUE software doesn’t run, only one light setting can be done and the initial is overwriting when the iCUE software starts running on the computer.


Since it is amazingly compact and is primarily used for gaming. It is also durable and it can withstand a workload for software development and designs. Moreover because of its reliability and excellence performance, it advisable for both gamer and graphic designers gets this product.


Check out the latest price for the CORSAIR ONE i145 CS-9020006-UK