Cello C1620FS/ZSF0261 Review

The Cello TV is a superb small screen TV packed with handy features like built-in satellite tuner, Freeview T2 HD Channels and DVD Player in one sleek remote control package. The built-in satellite tuner helps you to watch all your favourite shows without the need for an external box. 


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Screen Size: 16 Inch

Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080

Full HD: Yes

Freeview HD: Yes

Built-in DVD Player: Yes

HDMI ports quantity: 1

USB 2.0 ports quantity: 1


  • This TV has a 1080p image resolution that provides better and sharper images. Full HD outperforms the display quality and sharpness of the original HD TV, offering 1080 lines of progressive scanning, also referred to as 1080p.
  • It has a built-in DVD player, which ensures that you can enjoy DVDs without the need for an additional gadget and all the wiring that goes with it. It is great when space is at a premium and you still want to watch movies and box sets from your favourite DVD series.
  • Lightweight and managed to find a bag that suits in with a stand fixed on it. Fits on the wall, too, with the left stand attached.
  • -Using 12v power supply even though you’re on an electrical hook-up means you’ve got another 240v free socket in the caravan


  • The remote control is a little busy
  • When you need to remove a stand to switch between the use of a wall and a cabinet or to store it requires unscrewing it.
  • The vertical viewing angle can be terrible 


The USB interface allows digital TV channels to be recorded or media downloaded from your device to be viewed. The HDMI is ideal for connecting hi-definition external devices such as your Sky box or game console.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C1620FS/ZSF0261