Asus TUF FA506IH-BQ027T Review

When you talk about the Asus TUF FA506IH-BQ027T, you talk about performance, durability, and a lower price level when compared to other laptops of the same specification.

The laptop comes from the TUF Gaming A15 series, and from the name, it was designed for the gamers who want a capable device and cannot spend the thousands of dollars associated with such laptops.


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Memory: 8GB RAM, 4GB Dedicated graphics

Storage: 512 SSD

Processor: AMD

Processor Speed: 3 GHz

Display: 15.6 inches FULL HD


  • The Asus TUF FA506IH-BQ027T has two RAM slots preinstalled with an 8Gb RAM in one of the slots. You can upgrade it by adding another 8Gb or by upgrading the two. The RAM can be updated to a maximum of 32Gb  
  • It features a FULL HD screen and a screen size that is ideal for gamers and can also be used by others for different purposes such as watching videos, jotting down, typing ideas, managing your emails, and browsing.
  • It has an SSD drive characterized by instant load performance, faster boot times, and application loading times. There are two SSD slots, with one having 512Gb SSD, which you can upgrade to 1TB.
  • With the lightweight features, you can move around with the device without a lot of stress while using it for different purposes.
  • It comes with a 4Gb dedicated NVIDIA Graphics card, which makes running top games like Assassin Creeds, FIFA, PES an easy job.


  • All the ports are on one side, making the feeling of dexterity and alignment a little weird and shows cost-cutting
  • The fans run FULL nonstop and make noise, although this can be taken care of by removing the turbo
  • It has no optical drive


With the Asus TUF FA506IH-BQ027T, you are handed performance, speed, durability, and low prices at the same time. A good laptop to get for good gaming experience and excellent workaround for all types of users.


Check out the latest price for the Asus TUF FA506IH-BQ027T