Asus Chromebox 3-N044U Review

This Mini desktop computer from ASUS is a game-changer for desktop users who have a thing for android apps, or for android users who love a PC experience. The sleek and attractive desktop PC offers users a fast and smooth performance, plus glitch-free experience. It allows you to install your best android apps and games from the play store straight to your desktop. It boasts a USB 3.1 Gen 1 type C port for quick transfers. It also supports a 4k/ UHD display that offers the best of graphics and visuals. The Asus Chromebox 3-N044U offers excellent specs and functionality that’s almost too good for a PC running on the Chrome OS.


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Processor type: Intel core i3

Processor speed: 2.20 GHz

Memory: 8GB

Storage : 128 GB SSD

Warranty: 12 months


  • The mini PC is portable and doesn’t take up much can be mounted on a monitor
  • It is lightweight (weighs below 1kg) and easy to carry about. You could travel with it.
  • The chrome OS allows you to run the best of android apps seamlessly
  • It offers great memory and storage which allows for smooth running and multi-tasking
  • It is HMDI enabled and can work with either a monitor or TV
  • It offers a lot of connection ports: 5 USB ports(3 behind, 2 in front), a card reader slot, an HDMI Slot.
  • Offers reliable connectivity and simplicity of operation
  • Its a power-intensive PC and can prove useful in charging other devices.


  • It is a stand-alone product, so you would need to purchase additional hardware to make it work.
  • Since it runs on the Chrome OS, it only runs android applications


The portability of the Asus Chromebox 3-N044U, coupled with its robust functionality, makes it an excellent option for anyone interested in running the Chrome OS.


Check out the latest price for the Asus Chromebox 3-N044U