Zoomstorm Elite Desktop PC 7290-3140 Review

Wanting a small, affordable and fast PC does not always have to take a lot of money. Also, if you need a compact and durable PC, that makes you load applications and access your files faster, the Zoomstorm Elite Desktop PC 7290-3140 is the right choice for you. The device is a compact, durable small Form Factor PC that offers an improved ‘Storm Coat’ paint durability and scratch resistance. It is designed to undergo the rigors of the classroom. 

 Below we will review some of the most important BENEFITS and DOWNSIDES to this model to see if it might be right for you.


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Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 16GB DDR4

Storage: 480 GB SSD

Graphics: Dedicated Graphics Card NVIDIA GT 710 1GB

Operating System: No specified operating system


  • When it comes to processing speed, this Mini-PC gives you faster processing speed with a Hexa core processor and a speed of more than 2.9GHz without spending too much.
  • With its triple display feature through the HDMI, DVI-D, VGA you can enjoy your computing experience and multitask on three different screens
  • This Mini-PC also boasts of the Award-Winning Asus H310M-A Motherboard that can give you a customizable system performance.
  • High power efficiency of 85%.


  • Although this Mini-PC boasts of faster processing speed and a large memory size, its uses are limited because of its 480GB storage capacity which cannot be expanded. You might find it difficult to play multiple heavy games on it and combine your games with other tasks


The compactness of the Zoomstorm Elite Desktop PC 7290-3140 coupled with its faster processing speed makes it useful for different configurations of users with heavy workloads. If you need a durable and compact desktop PC that does not cost a fortune, the Zoomstorm Elite Desktop PC might just be your dream device.


Check out the latest price for the Zoomstorm Elite Desktop PC 7290-3140