Vuze XR VUZE-XR-WHT Review


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Capture the full experience and not just a scene with the white, dual-capture Vuze XR Camera. The camera records H.264 MP4 video at resolutions up to 5.7K at 30 fps and takes 18MP photos at up to 5760×3260 resolution with an adjustable ISO from 100 to 1600. In-camera stitching can be performed with footage up to 4K at 60 fps, while 5.7K stitching is performed with desktop software. The Vuze XR is set up with two Sony 12MP CMOS sensors, an Ambarella H2 video processor, and two 210° f/2.4 fisheye lenses; one lens is set up in 3D VR180° mode and the other is set up in 2D 360° mode. The camera also features four 48Hz MEMS microphones that record up to four AAC audio tracks to capture 360° surround sound.


Camera type: VR 180º/360º

Resolution: 5.7K

Battery life: about 1 hour

Compatible Operating system: Windows

Dimension: 15.2×5.6×3.9 cm

Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi


  • Engaging & growing your live audience has never been more achievable. Streaming either 360 or VR180 directly to YouTube and Facebook is a breeze via the mobile app, which seamlessly connects to your social media networks.
  • Use Vuze VR Studio, supplied with your Vuze camera, to stitch and edit high resolution, high frame-rate media you capture with Vuze XR, specifically for 5.7K/30 fps and 4K/60 fps. You can also refine automatic in-camera stitching of your 18MP photos. Vuze Studio gives access to control and settings allowing you to create content for your needs and liking.
  • The Waterproof Dive Case is designed specifically for the Vuze XR 360 Camera. Made from a clear poly-carbonate, it protects your camera from water damage at depths to 30 meters (100 feet).


  • The battery life of this cam is short.
  • The mobile apps could use an upgrade.


For a device that offers not one but two VR shooting modes in a compact, easy-to-use package, the Vuze XR deserves a lot of plaudits. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, yet it produces videos and images that only the most professional content creators are going to quibble with in terms of quality.


Check out the latest price for the Vuze XR VUZE-XR-WHT