Vuze VUZE-XR-BLK Review


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The Vuze XR was designed to make shooting 360-degree and 180-degree images and videos as easy as possible, with a chunky and attractive interface. 


Bit Rate: Up to 120 Mb/sec

Live Stream: Via Vuze XR app

Resolution: 6000x3000px

Photo Format: JPEG, DNG

Microphones: Four MEMS 48 KHz microphones

Format: Four AAC audio tracks

Sensors: 2 x Sony 12MP IMX-378

Lenses: 2x F/2.4


  • The flexibility to film either a whole sphere or a half-sphere of VR footage is something that compact devices can only do. Additionally, it’s also capable of in-camera stitching and live streaming, and Vuze offers free desktop editing tools that you’ll probably need.
  • Although you can go out and shoot the Vuze XR footage on your own, the accompanying smartphone app may serve as a useful viewfinder.
  • It features two 12MP Sony IMX-378 sensors and two f/2.4 210-degree fisheye lenses that are responsible for video and photo capture. In video mode, you can record 5.7 K video at 30 fps or 4 K at either 60fps or 30fps, with a maximum video bit rate of 120 Mb / sec.  
  • The battery life of the 1,200mAh battery is quoted at around an hour, which fits pretty much. Additionally, the camera can be recharged over a USB-C cable that can also be duplicated as a data transfer tool if you don’t want to use your tablet.


  • It’s not waterproof, so it’s not the perfect option for your next kayaking trip
  • Battery life isn’t terrific


It has some tough competition from the Insta360 Evo, but the Vuze XR is an excellent bit of a VR film package.


Check out the latest price for the Vuze VUZE-XR-BLK