Vileda VR 302 Review

Do you want your floor clean, dust-free but you have no time to do the job? Then let Vileda VR 302 do the task for you. 

The vacuum cleaner uses a Triple Cleaning System where the rotating brushes collect all the dirt and transfer it to the main brush. It has a MAX and ECO mode for maximum vacuuming.

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Vileda VR 302 Robotic Vacuum features and specifications

  • MAX and ECO Modes
  • Dust Adsorption and Containment System
  • Automated Recharging
  • Solid Design
  • Remote Control


  • Vileda VR 302 is suitable for dust allergic individuals. 
  • It has a high-efficiency double filter system that seizes 99% of the dust, pollen grains, and allergens around you.
  • The vacuum cleaner has an automated recharging system that automatically goes back to the docking station when the battery runs low for recharge. 
  • Once the battery is fully charged, the vacuum cleaner resumes its cleaning exercise.
  • The vacuum clean has cliff sensors that detect stairs and other falling off areas. 
  • Once it recognizes the stairs, it chooses a different direction.
  • Vileda VR 302 has ECO and MAX cleaning modes. MAX mode is for standard cleaning, while MAX has more than 50% suction power. 
  • The cleaner collects, sweeps and vacuums your floor.


  • Noisy – A good number of Vileda VR 302 users have noted that the vacuum cleaner is loud, especially on MAX cleaning mode. 
  • The noise makes it uncomfortable for one to concentrate while studying.
  • Some users have noticed that the vacuum sometimes get stuck on carpets and rugs while cleaning and fail to return to its docking station.
  • Once stuck, it keeps on rotating in one area.


Vileda VR 302 can be used to clean all floor types. It has side brushes that pick any dirt and transfer it to the main brush.

It is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that is appropriate for dust allergic people. You will never regret having this great cleaner.

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