United LED32DH58 Review

This 32 inch LED television is an ideal set that gives a facelift to a bedroom, living room, office area or any area it is placed. From the sturdy body design to its dazzling features, users will find the United LED32DH58 to be a true masterpiece and a product of pure professionalism. The menu of this TV is available in English, German, Arabic, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, and Ukrainian. This makes it possible to be accessible in different countries and to different groups of people. This TV features a FULL MATRIX LIGHT technology that ensures that viewers get a clear view of what goes on TV screen. Images are clearer and perceived better.


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Screen size: 32”

Screen resolution: 1366×768 pixels

Dimension: 73.39×22.49×48.49 cm

HDR format: N/A

Picture processor: N/A

Connectivity: HDMI, USB


  • The TV comes with Q.Box system which ensures the user enjoys the best of sounds coming from the TV. The system enhances sounds from videos and songs to give the user a movie-like experience.
  • This TV is compatible with the display of HD programs (HD-ready)
  • The presence of FULL MATRIX LIGHT enables the TV to display color brilliance and increases focus and picture detail
  • The TV possesses integrated triple tuner system. The triple tuner system makes it possible for user to enjoy a range of channels and TV shows through one device cable, terrestrial (Freeview HD) and satellite (Freesat HD).
  • The presence CI+ module in the television set makes it possible for the user to receive signals from Pay-tv.


  • It is not a smart TV. It can’t be used to connect to the internet.
  • It has no HDR technology unlike popular modern TVs


When looking for a suitable TV at a low cost but will entertain with a good picture quality, the United LED32DH58 comes to mind.


Check out the latest price for the United LED32DH58