Toshiba 49UL5A63DB Review

4K TVs are where technology is at right now and the Toshiba UL5A is part of Toshiba’s L5 series and premium L7 series designed to provide us with up to date performance at a budget price. It has other forms of functionality with Amazon Alexa smart and Toshiba connect. Toshiba connect is a tiny plug-in which connects via USB to your Tv and has a far-field microphone which allows you to control your television with your voice.


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Resolution type: 4K Ultra HD

Resolution Size: 3840 x 2160

Screen size: 43, 49, 55 inch

Screen Type: LED display


This TV is available in the UK in 43, 49 and 55-inch models with the cost being £349, $399, £479 each. Which when compared with TVs with similar specs is quite impressive.

The display is beautiful, especially when you factor in the price. Colours seem accurate and there is a warm wash that persists even if you watch the TV from the sides. The colour panel retains its accuracy even with high contrast content.


There are design flaws which are understandable considering the price point. No one really expects Ambilight laser shows or glass frames that are seen in high-end televisions but Toshiba could have done more in regards to the depth. At 19.1mm (55-inch model), it lacks sleekness.

As with most budget TVs, it comes with a very basic smart TV platform which may have been alright if the menu layout was consistent. The platform is quite slow to respond to inputs made with the remote which can leas to multiple button taps and chaos.


The Toshiba UL5A is definitely affordable as an LED TV with a beautiful display for its price. Though the 4k and HDR are not at their optimum, you will still be getting a decent experience.


Check out the latest price for the Toshiba 49UL5A63DB