Toshiba 32WK3A63DB Review

Toshiba 32WK3A63DB consists of a 32-inch display, a ready smart TV featuring Freeview play, Alexa Built-in. You can now enjoy this Toshiba TV without having a remote by joining a far-field microphone along with the Alexa built-in. Toshiba 32WK3A63DB also provides top screaming apps that are easily accessible.

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Toshiba 32WK3A63D TV Specifications

  • Display: 32-inch screen
  • Unique feature: Alexa Built-in
  • Display resolution max: 720 pixels
  • HDMI Ports: 2 HDMI ports built
  • Connectivity: Wireless; HDMI; HDMI; HDMI; USB; USB


  • You can easily ask anything from Alexa, which is built-in to the Toshiba 32WK3A63DB model. That helps to perform day to day activities like helping kids with their homework or exploring recipes.
  • It allows watching the latest movies to your favourite box sets that would be included in your smart TV.
  • As a standard, this model of Toshiba provides top streaming apps that are built-in.
  • It also includes built-in microphones.
  • It consists of high-quality audiovisual that helps to view plus Dolby Audio Processing. This helps to give brighter, more vibrant, and better sound, which provides an enhanced experience with the video you are watching.
  • There are two HDMI ports available.
  • It connects instantly to Alexa that controls your smart home.


  • There is no instruction manual to guide appropriately.
  • Toshiba support is not of much help with the Wi-Fi issue.

Final verdict

By having Toshiba 32WK3A63DB, you can quickly get access to several streaming services that include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer. This model also guarantees a one year warranty. You can get it quickly!

Check out the latest price for Toshiba 32WK3A63DB.