TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 50 1GF0.054.01 Review


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 50 1GF0.054.01


The lightweight TomTom Rider 50 is an option to consider for purchasing a dedicated motorcycling Sat Nav at a more reasonable price point. The Rider 50 will do most things that its more expensive competitors will. It is aimed squarely at those who want to tour or take a long way home. It offers all of the usual sat-nav ability to get you to your destination in the shortest possible time or most direct route. Still, it also comes with features that allow you to select more scenic or challenging roads. 


Resolution: 480×272 pixels

Display size: 4.3 inches

Display Type: WQVGA

Weight: 920 grams

Battery type: lithium-ion


  • Quad-core processor: the TomTom Rider GPS Sat Nav’s quad-core processor runs commands simultaneously, doubling your overall processing speed and increasing your GPS Sat Nav’s startup speed fivefold. 
  • Mounting system: Secure and protect your TomTom motorcycle Sat Nav with the specialized RAM mount. Standard with the TomTom Rider and easy to install, the mount guards against drops and vibration. 
  • Smart screen: See more of the road ahead with the TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS Sat Nav’s high brightness and sunlight-readable 4.3” display, which switches smoothly between portrait and landscape mode. 
  • W-Eur Maps, three months traffic, and services: Stay safe, stay up-to-date. Get maps, speed camera alerts, and other live service updates quickly and easily via the TomTom Rider GPS Sat Nav. No computer is needed.
  • Routes with more hills and more thrills: Get all the cornering, hills, and thrills you can handle with TomTom’s Rider Motorcycle Sat Nav! Search, create, or import routes, then start your ride out. 
  • Weather-proof build: TomTom’s Rider motorcycle GPS Sat Nav’s rugged, IPX7-certified weather-proof design and capacitive touchscreen remain under your control even when you are wearing gloves.


  • The wiring could use some improvement
  • It needs a firm prod when the user is wearing a glove.


Motorcycle navigation is made easy with the introduction of this sat nav. However, it could use updates in some areas in newer versions.


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider 50 1GF0.054.01