TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic 1BA6.002.00 Review


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It is a basic-spec model GPS device in sat nav range which offers lifetime traffic services and lifetime European map updates, smartphone connectivity, and a three-month speed camera subscription, after which this feature has to be paid for. It is relatively easy to affix to the windscreen; it’s just a matter of pushing the mount against the glass on your windshield and rotating the locking ring. The unit starts up automatically, and the resistive screen is responsive, although it might require exerting some pressure on the screen. Once switched, users can pair with compatible electronic devices.


Resolution: 800×480 pixels

Display size: 6 inches

Display type: WQVGA

Weight: 201g

Battery: Lithium ion


  • Time-saving traffic congestion avoidance, with trusted arrival times backed by comprehensive traffic information and real-time updates all via the TomTom GO Basic 6
  • With the 3-month speed camera alerts, users can stay updated, under the speed limit, and safer along the way. Prompt subscriptions to these services ensure that the user keeps receiving these updates providing a smooth drive.
  • The TomTom Europe maps updates at no extra cost. Therefore, users can see what is going on way up ahead with the GO Basic GPS Sat Nav. This device provides effortless navigation with routes around road closures and other traffic hassles.
  • The wireless connectivity feature of the TomTom GO Basic 6 allows users to stay updated quickly and easily. Users can also get regular software and euro map updates with the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi. There is absolutely no need for a computer.
  • Smart messages can be read out loud effortlessly by the TomTom GO Basic GPS Sat Nav’s functionality. Users can therefore concentrate on the road.


  • Arguably outdated considering free smartphone applications do the same job.
  • Incorrect pronunciations of some street names and some lagging.


This device is a useful tool for any who wishes to get regular traffic updates and navigate unknown terrain. However, many of its functions can now be formed by modern apps like Google apps.