TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic (IBA5.002.00) Review

If you are looking for a high-performance car GPS that comes at an affordable price then the TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic (IBA5.002.00) may be what you are looking for. It comes with adequate sophistication to be a useful GPS device. It also features touchscreen technology that gives user an excellent ease-of-use experience. It provides screen updates very often when moving round roundabouts and the likes, helps to clear confusion of the user on which exit to take. It also maintains signal to GPS when mobile phone navigation would have long failed. Ultimately it gives a good value for the money expended on it.


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Resolution: 480×272 pixels

Display Size: 5 inch

Display Type: WQVGA

Weigh: 440g

Battery Type: Lithium ion


  • The screen is large and clear but reflects the light a little. Better than a phone screen.
  • It has been made to make such that adding navigation and rest break is super easy.
  •  On this GPS device, service and roadworks/congestion shows up on your “timeline” (that is the vertical bar on the right that describes your journey).  Also, there is even a timer that shows how long it is till your next “event.”
  •  A special feature known as MyDrive helps plan your routes ensuring users enjoy a safe and stress-free sojourn.
  • TomTom RoadTrips can be used discover and download new places to see along the way.


  • It operates on “TomTom Minutes” in which your journey time increases with no reason.
  • Takes a while to boot up (30 seconds or more) when turned off.
  • Some users complain that notifications seem to beep randomly without a corresponding event on screen.
  • The screen touch may use some improvements as it is not as sensitive as that of a mobile phone.


The TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic (IBA5.002.00) is both easy to use and effective. Get one today and start your adventure up mountains, along coastal roads, into forests and beyond with your trusty sat nav guide.


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic (IBA5.002.00)