TomTom Campervan and Carava Sat Nav GO (1PL6.002.20) Review

When TomTom announced that they were launching a new “Camper” model, many thought, “At last TomTom is back with all the new Caravan and Campervan Sat Nav System”. The TomTom Go Camper, which is specifically built for use with motorhomes, and caravans, has many useful features that will support campers and caravan drivers. This model comes packed with millions of POIs (points of interest), but not all of these POIs are devoted to campers, as TomTom still plans to use the vehicle.


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Screen size: 6 in

Screen resolution: 800×480 px

Screen type: Capacitive LCD screen

Maps: Worldwide

Free lifetime map updates: Yes

Campsite lists: Yes

Trip planner: Yes

Lane assist / Junction View: Yes


  • When you turn on the Go Camper for the first time, a configurator will be launched asking you to enter the vehicle profile details you will be using. It may be a vehicle, a caravan vehicle, a medium camper, or a heavy camper (a motorhome). You may then enter all the necessary details on the size and weight of the car. Setting up this information is simple, but it is a significant move, as it will allow the system to provide you with the necessary itineraries.
  • The TomTom Go Camper, unlike the other caravans and motorhomes we’ve checked, provides very accurate maps of the planet. These maps contain all the restrictions you can face on your motorhome or campervan.
  • This latest Go Camper includes the Advanced Lane Guidance feature that can now be found on most of the TomTom range models. It is quite similar to the “Active Lane Guidance” of Garmin models. Thanks to this feature, the system can build a display that makes it easy to be in the correct lane at complicated junctions and exits. It divides the frame by inserting synthetic images with animations such as arrows pointing in the right direction and vocal indications.
  • This latest Sat Nav caravan and motorhome provides free updates to the world map. However, updating maps on a Sat Nav can be costly, so this is something you should remember when comparing caravans and motorhomes with Sat Nav devices. Having the ability to download maps for free ensures that you are still up-to-date with the new maps and points of interest and, thus, you know that you will obtain reliable details on campgrounds, equipment and correct route planning.


  • Low battery quality


A great thing about the Go Camper is the ability to update maps without having to use a computer. In reality, this satellite caravan and motorhome comes with built-in Wi-Fi, which means that you can connect the unit to your home network (just like a tablet or smartphone) and download all the updates directly from the screen using the built-in Wi-Fi. This is very handy, as it makes it much simpler and faster to update the Sat Nav!


Check out the latest price for the TomTom Campervan and Carava Sat Nav GO (1PL6.002.20)