Tiertime UP mini 3DP-12-4E Review


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Tiertime UP mini 3DP-12-4E comes with a build volume of 12×12×12 centimeters. This printer features a layer resolution of 150 to 350 microns. It also features Melted Extrusion Modelling (MEM) technology and a HEPA and activated carbon filter to filter effectively reduce toxic elements. This printer uses 1.75mm filaments, such as ABS, ABS+, PLA, TPU, and more. It is stored in a UP filament external spool holder. The single extruder nozzle features automatic nozzle detection—control print jobs with the integrated 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen. You may print your compatible UP3, UPS, TSK, STL, OBJ, 3MF, PLY, OFF, and 3DS files in an enclosed print chamber with a heated perf or flex board. Print via USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, or USB flash drive.


Resolution: 150 microns

Operating system: Windows and Mac operating system

Weight: 9.21 kg

Software: UP studio


  • This printer can be used with a Tiertime print queue, allowing you to use it in office, classroom, and home environments. 
  • The HEPA and activated carbon filter help reduce toxic elements, such as harmful UFP and VOC emissions from ABS filaments.
  • Use the dedicated-UP Studio software to automatically generate Smart Support structures based on mesh surface angle and area. The support and raft generated by the support algorithm can be easily removed by hand or simple tools. UP Studio also provides a support edition function for advanced users to optimize the support structures based on your preferences to save material and reduce post-processing time.
  • This printer has an extra option to correct its prints with software calibration. You can fix the dimensional discrepancy using the UP Studio dimensional calibration feature. The software can also repair the squareness of printer axes. Even when the printer mechanical structure is compromised, you will still get accurate results without efficiently tinkering with the hardware.


  • It doesn’t come with 3rd part slicing software.
  • The filament holder can’t be modified.


This Tiertime makes the impossible possible with the production of real-to-life objects that are stunning. It does come with its troubles.


Check out the latest price for the Tiertime UP mini 3DP-12-4E