Sony HDR-CX625 HDRCX625B.CEH Review

HD Handycam camera is steady whenever you shoot with stabilisation and autofocus (AF), so smooth and sensitive that your movies look smart in every way. Intelligent Active 5-axis mode compensates for vibration in five different directions, enabling you to shoot steady, high-quality movies even while running.

As SONY HDR-CX625 is discontinued, we recommend a newer model: Sony FDR-AX53 Ultra HD 4K Compact Camcorder.


  • Item Weight: 0.36 Kilograms
  • Colour: Black
  • Lens Fixed Focal Length: 804 Millimetres
  • Memory Slots: Available
  • Style: Camcorder
  • Effective Still Resolution: 2.29 MP


  • Quick Intelligent AF achieves very fast, accurate autofocus contrast detection by minimising the motion of the lens, predicting the required AF range and accelerating the drive of the lens, thereby enhancing the response so that more brief moments can be captured.
  • If you’re shooting movies or still photographs, a class-leading wide-angle lens will help you catch more landscapes and indoor scenes when you don’t have enough space to step back. And without a large conversion lens, the camera shoots as large as 26.8 mm.
  • You can enhance the tracking of moving objects by using the optimum AF point at all times and changing the target frame size to match the characteristics of your subject.  
  • One-touch remote control lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a viewfinder and remote control for a digital camera, and one-touch sharing lets you move your images and videos from your camera. Not an NFC? No issue at all. You can combine the devices manually, too.


  • Low image quality 
  • No protective dust philtre for the fragile shutter mechanism (solved by purchasing a 46 mm FUSION Antistatic Protector Filter from Hoya)
  • The screen cannot be closed completely when using an external microphone because the microphone port is closed under the screen.
  • Anything grainy results in internal shots in low-light rooms unless additional lighting is installed.
  • The Sony hot shoe mount includes a converter to match other top-mounted accessories.


Captures vast landscapes, the camera also offers 30 x optical zoom and up to 60 x transparent image zoom for flexible image choices. Record a consistent sound that captures the atmosphere of the scene and enjoys Surround sound playback. Level metres on the LCD panel provide visual control of the level of each channel.

SONY HDR-CX625 is no longer available, but please check a better alternative: Sony FDR-AX53 Ultra HD 4K Compact Camcorder.