Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU Review

Truth is, you may have spent weeks or even months searching for the perfect TV for your living room, den or home theatre, but when it comes to outfitting your small bedroom, kitchen, bedroom or playroom with a TV, you’re much more likely to make an impulse purchase. The Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU is your best bet as it comes at a fairly affordable price.


Check out the latest price for the Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU



Ultra Slim TV: Yes

3D TV: Yes

Display Type: LED

Upscaling: No

Sound Technology: Dolby Digital


  • The architecture of the TV is pretty much on par with most of the others in its class. The lining and stand are made of shiny black plastic. The bezel measures 1.25 inches along the top and sides, and 2.25 inches thicker along the bottom, where a set of capacitive touch buttons allows full control of the TV.
  • The Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU has a feather-light weight. Its light weight is suitable for more versatile mounting options.
  • The remote is pleasantly simple 


  • The picture is good but could be a little sharper.


 The Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU has excellent picture quality. It’s not the least expensive 55-inch TV you can find by a long shot. But it has the Sony name on it, and that means, historically speaking, higher quality TV.


Check out the latest price for the Sony Bravia KD55XH8196PBU