Sharp LC-70UI7652K Review

For television lovers that will love an enhanced viewing, Sharp LC-70UI7652K should be the number one choice television. This is a television with a fine line of technology especially with the LED lights that control the lighting of the display, directing it to the part where it is of importance. Hence, this boosts the display as well as the contrast, giving the viewers an enjoyable sight to behold.
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-The screen is a 70-inch flat screen
-Three HDMI and 2 USB ports
-Built-in Wi-Fi with smart connectivity
-Free view HD, PVR recording and DTS TruSurround
-Built in free view HD quality
-Energy consumption of 266 kilowatts hours per year
-The lightweight of just about 38.1 kg
-The television can be connected to various devices via the HDMI 2.0, SCART and USB
-A well-designed unit with amazing features such as free view HD and also PVR recording
-This is sharp’s massive latest pro-ultra-picture engine
-The preinstalled Freeview gives about 70 subscription-free entertainment channels, 15 of which are in HD quality and can be PVR recorded
-Television can be mounted in such a way that it would save space instead of fit standing
-Smarter TV experience with a whole lot of games, movies, apps as well as ease of connecting to the internet to access, Netflix, player, and YouTube.
-The price may be quite a limiting factor for low-income customers.
-Not suitable for people who do not fancy large TV screens
As you can see that sharp has done an excellent job with this amazing television, with a dynamic range of luminosity than possible for the images. The implication of this is that the whites are whiter, the blacks are blacker and overall there is no natural contrast for a true life picture. If you a TV lover, this should be in your bucket list.
Check out the latest price for the Sharp LC-70UI7652K