Sharp LC-32HI5332KF Review

Sharp stays true to their name by creating this Tv that brings you bright, punchy images. It includes Active Motion 100 that provides smooth motion which spares you of blur on rapidly shifting motion like when watching action movies or sports.  Harman Kardon and DTS handle the sound on this TV and they really deliver.


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Resolution size: 1366 x768

Resolution type: HD ready

Screen size: 32 inch

Screen type: LED


Connectivity is at its peak here. The TV has 2 USB ports that link you with a high performing Media Player that optimizes image, music and video playback. It also has 3 HDMI ports that allow you to hook in a Blu-ray player, games console and set-top box.

As mentioned above, Harman Kardon gets involved here. They are well known for producing top-notch Hi-Fi and car speakers and they keep up the excellent work here. The sound is detailed, clear and full-bodied, essentially lifting this TV set higher than most of its peers. DTS TruSurround provides a more spacious and engaging sound.


Many people would not be able to deal with the fact that this TV doesn’t go up to 1080p but stays at 720p.

Turning the TV is a bit difficult as you can only place it on standby when using the remote. The power button is placed at the back and it is fiddly and not readily accessible.

It is a very basic TV which lacks smart features like Wi-Fi making it difficult to perform actions like a firmware update.


Pretty basic TV but nothing short of what you would expect for its price range. It actually performs impressively when it comes to sound and wired connectivity. For people that want an easy to use, efficient, affordable television, this is a solid purchase.


Check out the latest price for the Sharp LC-32HI5332KF